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Wooden walls

At house erection special value is given to the basic protecting designs - to walls and a covering. External walls should provide a heat-shielding, durability, durability, sound insulation and architectural expressiveness, and internal - durability and sound insulation. In Russia, the country rich with woods, houses from a tree have an old story and high culture of manufacture of works. Houses from a tree, and not only houses, even the churches constructed by the Russian carpenters, stood and there are centuries though they have been executed without connection by nails. /

The Principal view of wooden walls of the buildings constructed till 30th years of the XX-th century, walls, rublennye from logs, with cabin of corners usually with the rest are, is more rare without the rest, in a paw (fig. 7). The next years rublenye walls were carried out more often from a bar that is much more economic, and corners of timbered walls were cut in a paw, without the rest. /

Details rublenyh walls

a Fig. 7-1. Details rublenyh walls:

And — a timbered wall; — bruschataja a wall; in — thorns and stykovanie logs on length; g — rublenaja a wall with an aperture: 1 — a wreath log sruba; 2 — an oval groove (on thorns and on shponkah); 3 — the same, triangular; 4 — a tow or a moss; 5 — steska; — wooden thorns; 7 — wooden rejka in a groove; 8 — window jambs; 9 — a backlash on a deposit sruba; 10 — a pillow; 11 — vershnik

Details rublenyh walls

a Fig. 7-2. Details rublenyh walls:

d — cabin of a corner with the rest "т юсыю"; e — the same, without the rest "т ыряѕ"; z — cabin of corners bruschatyh walls

But before to speak about wooden walls, follows, obviously to remind the basic operations plotnichnyh works.