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Wooden partitions

Partitions are the thin not loaded internal walls established directly on overlappings, separating premises within a floor. In residential buildings they are subdivided into interroom, interroom both protecting lavatories and kitchens. /

On a way of erection of a partition happen the national teams mounted from krupnorazmernyh of elements; carried out on a place from piece materials (plates, a brick, stones, saw-timbers) or monolithic ferro-concrete. /

According to partition appointment should possess certain sound-proof qualities, fire resistance and durability. To partitions of bathrooms and kitchens show increased requirements gigienichnosti furnish of a surface, moisture-proofness and fire resistance. /

Between a ceiling and a partition usually leave a backlash on size deposits (not less than 10 sm) with which fill with a tow moistened in a plaster solution. Partitions can be put and after definitive house deposits (approximately in a year after its construction). Partitions should lean against beams (logs), but at all on a floor, filing or nakat.