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Wooden frame and panel walls

Wooden frame and panel walls demand some much less wood, than a wall from logs. Frame houses can be warm, malozvukoprovodnymi, but the main thing - them is easier for constructing the hands.

the Design of a skeleton of a partition and its detail

a Fig. 23. A design of a skeleton of a partition and its detail:

And - a general view; - a cutting podkosa;
1 - podkos; 2 - a crossbar; 3 - a rack; 4 - bottom obvjazka; 5 - a floor beam; 6 - top obvjazka; 7 - a ceiling beam; 8 - a beam; 9 - obvjazka

The Skeleton consists from bottom and top obvjazok, walls, podkosov rigidity and such auxiliary elements, as intermediate racks and crossbars between which have window and doorways (fig. 23 and 24). /

the Basis under partitions

a Fig. 24. The basis under partitions :

And - opiranie on an overlapping beam; - across a beam; in - along an overlapping beam;
1 - an interfloor beam; 2 - a board or rejka; 3 - brusok; 4 - the basic racks; 5 - intermediate racks; - rejka; 7 - sheet (gipsokartonnyj); 8 - floor boards; 9 - a plinth

Two-storeyed houses can be built on two basic types of skeletons: with through racks on two floors, with poetazhnymi racks, i.e. one house as though costs on other. The skeleton of the first type possesses the big firmness, but demands a lengthy material. The skeleton of the second type more simple also allows to use a short material. /

Bearing racks of a skeleton put on distance from 0,5 to 1,5 m, co-ordinating to the sizes of windows and doors. Angular racks of a skeleton private soldiers - from boards 50x100 or 60x120 do of bars or from compound boards, and mm.

Bottom obvjazku, forming the skeleton basis, collect from bars, logs or boards. Corners of it obvjaza carry out the direct lock vpoldereva. If floor beams cut in obvjazku last do of two wreaths if they lean against columns from one wreath. Skeleton elements usually krepjat nails and are more rare - thorns. /

For giving to a skeleton bolshej rigidity between racks from two parties put board podkosy, cutting them zapodlitso with obvjazom skovorodnem or poluskovorodnem. From above racks put top obvjazku (better on direct thorns) into which cut ceiling beams. On beams put rafters. Timbered (bruschatye) beams it is possible to replace with boards section 50x180 or 50x200 the mm, put on an edge. The collected skeleton is boarded outside in the thickness by of 20-25 mm, beating them to racks 75-50-миллиметровыми nails. Instead of boards it is possible to use asbestotsementnye plates or materials another strong and proof to an atmospheric precipitation. /

For warming of a wall of the frame house quite often do of two layers of boards space between which fill various rolled, plitnymi and loose materials. Rolled and plitnye materials krepjat to a skeleton nails, and seams coat with a plaster solution or caulk a tow. At packing of plates in two layers seams between plates of the first layer should be blocked by plates of the second layer. Stalks kamyshitovyh plates at single-layered packing should settle down vertically, and at two-layer - vertically and horizontally. Straw plates presoak during 2 ch in 10% th solution iron kuporosa and carefully dry up (it protects plates from rotting and destruction by rodents). produvaemost decreases, if between plates to lay a dense building paper or a cardboard.

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