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Wooden frame and panel walls (a part 3)

waterproofing Packing . On a socle surface display a waterproofing package in width of 150 mm for protection of wooden designs against rotting. It consists of the tarred tow which has been wrapped up by two layers of roofing material or roofing felt. In places where FROM the base steel probes (anchor) act, in a package pierce apertures. /

After an apportion of waterproofing packages distance between probes in a socle measure and according to gaugings drill apertures in bruskah bottom obvjazki. Then bruski display on socle perimetre so that the anchor, interfering displacement of bars, have entered into the drilled apertures. Bruski bottom obvjazki serve as a support for panels of external and internal walls. Bruski under internal walls usually stack on brick columns. In corners, places of an adjunction of walls and on extended sites bruski bottom obvjazki join end-to-end and nail up to each other, hammered under a slanting corner. Horizontal position laid bruskov bottom obvjazki check rejkoj with level. /

Further there is a packing socle panel or a trabeation, installation of panels of external and internal walls, installation stropilnyh farms, the device podshivnogo a ceiling, a roof, pediments are sheathed, the eaves are filed, the porch, a verandah becomes, floors are laid, window and door blocks are established, and also other works are performed. The technology of installation works depends on a design of the house and for each design there are features which are stated by manufacturers in corresponding instructions on installation and are applied on the complete set of details of the house (fig. 26). /

the Constructive scheme of the large-panel house

a Fig. 26. The constructive scheme of the large-panel house :

1 - bottom obvjazka; 2 - socle panels of a floor; 3 - stenovye panels; 4 - panels of garret overlapping; 5 - a roof; 6 - stropilnaja a farm; 7 - a pediment board.

In the conditions of the Far North and in areas with steady strong winds rublenye and panel board wooden buildings often protect outside of an unary or double board covering on a layer of roofing felt or pergamina. The most economic are more low given under the wood expense frame walls with filling from kamyshitovyh or other plates. /



Timbered, with cabin with the rest


the Same, with cabin "т ыряѕ"


the Wall, rublennaja from a bar




Panel board


Frame with kamyshitovymi floor-mats


Under adverse conditions the tree quickly decays, therefore at building of wooden buildings it is necessary to select attentively and antiseptirovat wood, carefully to isolate a tree from the earth and a stone in a socle, correctly to carry out cuttings and to protect them from humidifying, and also to carry out all devices provided by the project on ventilation of an underground and overlappings.

At operation of wooden walls it is necessary to watch a condition of the bottom wreaths rublenyh walls and obvjazok frame buildings, sites of walls under windows, otlivov on them, places of crossing of walls and building corners.

At vypuchivanii piers rublenyh walls establish szhimy at the rate of two szhima on a pier.

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