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Wooden eaves

Brick walls of houses usually come to an end with eaves. In wooden houses eaves equip, sheathing tesom the ends stropilnyh feet or inhalings. If stropilnye feet do not fall outside the limits walls them extend on size karniznogo svesa, beating by the ends of rafters "ъюс№ыъш" - scraps of boards. Then to "ъюс№ыърь" krepjat eaves boards. /

Eaves decorate a building and form hanging over walls svesy roofs. In all cases svesy should consist of a continuous flooring. Their minimum width, or carrying out, - 55 sm, and is better - 70 sm and more. Wide svesy protect walls from a rain, sleet, besides, serve as though otmostkoj. Stekaemaja from a roof water falls on distance of 70 sm from the base and does not get under it. However it does not exclude the device otmostki. /

Wooden eaves

a Fig. 39. Wooden eaves :

And - eaves on an inhaling; - eaves from stropilnyh feet; in - eaves on beaten "ъюс№ыърь" and to holes;

1 - eaves; 2 - the open end stropilnoj feet; 3 - brusok or a board for crack closing; 4 - a covering svesa eaves; 5 - a hole; 6 - "ъюс№ыър"

Eaves are necessary for attaching to walls as it is possible more densely, without cracks through which it is possible zaduvanie snow on an attic or the draughts cooling garret space, including a chimney. / Premature cooling of a pipe conducts to formation of the condensate destroying an oven laying, poisoning air in the house. Various kinds of eaves are resulted on fig. 39.