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Tools of the carpenter

The Basic tool of the carpenter is the axe which carry out tesku, splitting and pererubanie wood. They can choose a groove or a quarter in a log, to make a bar, otesav a log on four edgings etc.

An axe Edge do direct or semicircular. The handle should be from dense wood, smooth with a strong nozzle which is reached rasklinivaem toporishcha in an axe butt. Rasklinka should be dense that at work the axe has not flied with toporishcha. It is necessary to replace the cracked wedge in due time new. To work as an axe hardly, especially if it stupid. /

It is not necessary to be sorry time for axe sharpening, and any other plotnichnogo and the joiner's tool. The blunt tool spoils work and takes away much more time, than it is required for its sharpening. After sharpening the edge should be smooth, equal, without dents and zaboin. The sharp axe needs to be protected from nails in old bruskah and boards (fig. 4). /

Tools and adaptations for tree processing

Fig. 4. Tools and adaptations for tree processing

1 - line; 2 - an axe; 3 - otvoloka; 4 - a cross-section saw; 5 - compasses; 6 - luchkovaja a saw; 7 - nozhovka; 8 - malka; 9 - rotation; 10 - tsentrovaja perka; 11 - lozhechnaja perka; 12 - a twisted drill; 13 - a chisel; 14 - chisels; 15 - drills; 16 - level; 17 - vesok; 18 - vaterpas.

Saws serve for a wood cutting across and along fibres. On this appointment they differ the tooth form: for cross-section pilenija the tooth has the form of an isosceles triangle, for longitudinal - a rectangular or oblique-angled triangle. /

Elements of the big thickness saw a two-manual saw as which work together. Individually work nozhovkami or luchkovymi as saws cross-section and longitudinal pilenija.

  • wide nozhovki apply for cross-section rectilinear pilenija;
  • narrow - for curvilinear has spent on drink;
  • nozhovki with obushkom - for superficial exact zapilov;
  • nozhovki-nagradki - for has spent on drink grooves.

On a measure zaglublenija a thin cloth of a saw in wood it can be so clamped in a prosaw that pilenie becomes impossible. That it does not happen, saw teeths unbend part through one tooth, using the simple metal distributing having grooves of the different size into which insert a saw tooth at its bending back. Sharpen teeths of a saw a file. /

And chisels apply the Chisel to the device of nests, grooves and apertures in elements. Dolblenie carry out a chisel on which strike a wooden hammer (kijankoj). For zachistki dredging, and also local erasures of wood use chisels.