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Safety precautions
At operation of woods and podmostej

At installation and operation of woods and podmostej it is necessary to observe following safety precautions regulations:

  • to establish woods follows on the planned and stamped ground;

  • racks of woods should be established strictly vertically; /

  • under each pair of racks to perpendicularly wall of an under construction building stack a lining from a board in the thickness of 50 mm;

  • it is forbidden to establish woods on naledi; /

  • Woods should be attached to walls of an under construction building;

  • the height of passes on woods in light should be not less than 1800 mm; /

  • backlashes between boards of floorings should not exceed 10 mm;

  • the aperture in nastilke woods for a ladder exit needs to be protected from three parties; /

  • at height of a working flooring more than 1 m from level of a ground or overlapping on podmostjah and woods establish a protection in the form of a handrail in height not less than 1 m which should maintain lateral pressure 70 kgs;

  • in a case when boards or flooring boards should be placed vnahlestku, the ends of joined elements it is necessary to have on a support, blocking it not less than on 200 mm in each party;

  • at edge of board floorings it is necessary to establish an onboard demountable board in width not less than 150 mm for prevention of falling of subjects from height.