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Safety precautions at building

Wooden designs, as a rule, produce at the enterprises strojindustrii, however frequently on building sites it is necessary to carry out a number of operations with application of the manual and mechanised tool, and sometimes and derevoobrabatyvajushchih machine tools. So the big role for safe work is played by the correct organisation of workplaces. The workplace of the joiner occupied with processing of wood, is equipped with a workbench both the necessary tool and adaptations.

The Workbench should be strongly fixed on a workplace, and the tool have so that it was easy and convenient for using. Saw-timbers, preparations it is necessary to have nearby from a workbench so that the worker did not spend considerable efforts and movements for their delivery to a work place. /

The Special attention should be turned on correct use of the mechanised tool. Handles of the manual tool (hammers, saws, chisels, etc.) should be carefully and are well fixed, and their surface should be smooth, without hollows and having chopped off.

To Transfer cargoes on a stretcher than 50 m are supposed in an equal place on distance no more, and to transfer them on ladders or step-ladders it is impossible. On places of loading and an unloading of forest products there should be the adaptations excluding disorder of forest products. /

the Safety precautions and the organisation of workplaces at installation of joiner's products . Wooden designs in design position lift slings for what them attach to designs, and then suspend to a hook of the elevating mechanism.

Stropovka of elements and designs should be made under in advance confirmed schemes taking into account durability and stability of lifted designs. To an installation site they should be submitted in the position close to the design. In order to avoid rocking of designs at lifting it is necessary to apply delays from a hempen rope or a thin flexible cable, attaching them it is temporary by the ends of designs. At a cable attachment to window or door blocks it is necessary to watch to breaking a waterproofing laid on perimetre of the block. Elements and designs it is necessary stropit inventory slings. /

At lifting or lowering to stand under products or under a crane arrow categorically it is forbidden. Rasstropovka elements and designs before their fastening in design position it is not supposed. From a dirt, naledi designs clear on the earth to them stropovki and lifting.

In the course of installation it is necessary to provide stability and stability of elements and designs and timely fastening in design position.

For installation and time fastening of elements, rasstropovki them after installation in design position, assemblers should be provided by cradles, podmostjami, etc.

Installation of elements and designs and their moving over overlappings under which workers work, is supposed only in exceptional cases with the permission of the chief engineer of the construction organisation.

The Zone of installation works dangerous to a finding of people in the course of moving or installation of designs, should be designated precautionary signs and inscriptions.

The Lifted elements, designs lower on an installation site not above 300 mm from design position then assemblers establish them into place. To carry out installation works in open places at height at a strength of wind more than 15 km/s, a glaze ice, a thunder-storm or a fog it is not supposed. Inputs in premises and passes in ground floors of buildings over which installation is conducted, should be closed from access of people. /

All signals to the machinist of the crane or a mechanic lebedki, and also to workers on a delay should move one person — the foreman of erection team, zvenevym or the scaffold worker-slinger. A signal "Р=юя" can move any worker who has noticed obvious danger.

Before the beginning of works the foreman, the master or the manufacturer of works are obliged to acquaint in details workers with forthcoming work and to instruct about ways of its performance. Verholaznye works at installation can be carried out by workers not more youngly 18 years. Prior to the beginning of installation on a platform deliver joiner's products, mechanisms and adaptations for lifting of products.

Joiner's products have at a field of operations completely and according to consecutive order of installation so that in the course of installation it was not necessary to waste time for searches of demanded products. podvoz products to an installation place should be in advance planned according to the confirmed schedule of works.

Mechanisms for installation — cranes, lebedki — should be established so that they were convenient for using without superfluous movements. For possible movement of mechanisms along a field of operations roads should be arranged. On a site of installation works hang out corresponding designations of borders of installation works so that extraneous persons did not get to this zone.

Workers should be supplied by a tooling, products necessary for installation in design position, adjustment of correctness of their installation and fastening in an aperture. At performance of installation works it is necessary to use technological cards.

Prior to the beginning of works on installation it is necessary to examine a field of operations, to check up presence of products, a condition of elevating mechanisms and assembly adaptations.

At storage and warehousing stoljarno-plotnichnyh materials and products in building territory it is necessary to observe following rules:

  • the width of passes between stacks should be not less than 1 m;

  • at an arrangement of stacks at brovok foundation ditches and tranches the distance from a stack to brovki should be not less than 1 m;

  • between a fence and stacks of materials there should be a distance not less 1м, and from a roadside to a stack — not less than 0,5 m;

  • logs and boards after dismantling of wooden designs, woods and podmostej and before their packing for storage should be cleared from skob and nails;

  • than 50 m from a place of application and warehousing of the materials containing inflammable or explosive substances (mastics, varnishes) are not supposed to use open fire in radius less;

  • places of storage of antiseptic tanks should settle down on distance not less than 100 m from water supply sources, and vessels with antiseptics should be closed by stoppers and covers;

  • the container from under antiseptic tanks is necessary for neutralising and burning;

  • round wood is put in a stack in height no more by than 1,5 m with linings between numbers and an emphasis against raskatyvanija, the width of a stack should be not less than its height;

  • saw-timbers put in stacks with use of linings and linings; the stack height at ordinary packing makes no more than half of its width, and at packing in cages — no more than width.

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