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the Roof from gonta

The Roof from gonta is carried out on obreshetke from bruskov 50x50 mm, distance between obreshetinami depends on length gontovyh plates and quantity of layers of a roofing covering.

The Two-layer roof arrange for economic constructions, and three-layer - for low apartment houses. And in a two-layer roof gontovye plates keep within vnahlest for 1/2 lengths gonta, and in three-layer - for 2/3 lengths. /

Each plate is beaten to obreshetke by one nail, but because of mnogoslojnosti a roofing covering the nail head appears (tab. 7) is latent by a plate of the top number.

the Table 7 

Distance between obreshetinami depending on length gontovyh plates and quantity of layers of a roofing covering.

Distance between obreshetinami, mm
width eaves -
distance between private soldiers obreshetinami
500 2 190 240
3 265 165
600 2 240 290
3 330 200
700 2 290 340
3 400 230

Packing is conducted from below upwards (from eaves to the fad) and from right to left. Everyone gontovaja a plate has from the left side shpuntovuju a flute into which the pointed edge of the next plate is inserted. All pointed edges gonta should be directed to one party. Prikarniznye and prikonkovye numbers give all the best the truncated plates. /

Among gont steletsja vrazbezhku, that is in the form of zigzag drawing when the joint between plates of the bottom number coincides with the middle gontovoj plates of the top number. To provide such way of packing, vague plates with which begin packing of each even number in advance are prepared. In order to avoid rotting gontovoj all shpuntovye flutes grease roofs protivognilostnoj with mastic or process a wood antiseptic tank. /

The Fad cover with two squared boards over the basic roofing covering. Edges finish gontovymi with plates, obuzhennymi from outside a sharp edge for 1/4-1/3 width; and a number begun on one slope, continue and on an adjacent slope with transition through an edge. For more dense packing costal brusok round off. Gont spread a fan with use of plug-in numbers (through each 2-3 numbers). /

For a covering razzhelobkov and endov also will be necessary plug-in numbers (through each three numbers), gontovye plates in which spread fanlikely. For razzhelobkovyh coverings use plates of the traditional and trapezoid form.

The chimney Collar is carried out from steel aprons like a collar dranochnoj roofs. Unique difference that lateral aprons of a collar fasten not over an ordinary covering, and under it.