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the Roof from drani and shavings

the Roof from drani and shavings is carried out on rarefied wooden obreshetke from bruskov by section 50x50 mm or the poles in the thickness of 60-70 mm squared on two edgings. The step between obreshetinami (tab. 8) depends on quantity of layers of a roofing covering (and the wood roof is always a multilayered covering). /

Obreshetiny fasten a nail at each crossing with stropilnoj a foot. Prikarniznaja obreshetina under dranochnuju a roof should be above the others on 8-10 mm. Height bruska increase a levelling lath. Roofing works on a slope are conducted from below upwards and from right to left simultaneously in 3-4 numbers. For convenience the shaving or shingle stock is in vozke the roofer. Prikarniznyj and prikonkovyj numbers give all the best from the truncated plates. All other piece materials of the basic covering should be half-number. Dran keeps within the fleecy party upwards with a pile direction on a water drain. /

the Table 8 

Distance between obreshetinami depending on quantity of layers of a roof from drani and shavings.

3 dran 230 330
4 dran 170 240
  a shaving 160 100, 220, 250 (depending on length of a shaving)
5 dran 110 195
  a shaving 95 – 100 160, 180, 200 (depending on length of a shaving)

The Three-layer roof arrange for economic and time structures at which device overlying roofing numbers from drani or shavings block underlaying on 2/з lengths of a half-number plate. For residential buildings it is recommended four and five layers of a roof. At a four-layer covering numbers block each other for 3/4 lengths of roofing plates, and at five-layer - for 4/5 lengths. Prikarniznye and prikonkovye numbers give all the best in some layers strictly on the bottom sawn-off shotgun of eaves or the top sawn-off shotgun of the fad. /

Each shingle (shaving) is beaten to obreshetke by one roofing nail but as layers it is formed at once a little as a result each separate plate appears fixed by several nails. Thus heads of nails are hidden vysheraspolozhennymi layers.

Endovy and razzhelobki from wooden roofing materials are very labour-consuming, therefore it is better to cover them with a roofing steel.

The Roof ridge carry out from two strogannyh boards which stack on a ready covering from drani or shavings and beat to konkovomu to a bar and to obreshetke. From above brusok zatesyvajut that its parties corresponded to a roof bias.

the Device of a collar of a chimney

a Fig. 41. The device of a collar of a chimney :

1 - a chimney; 2 - the top apron; 3 - a lateral apron; 4 - the bottom apron; 5 - a shingle; 6 - screws

Roof Edges at dranochnoj to a roof cover the same as also the fad. A chimney collar (fig. 41) collect from steel aprons 2, 3 and 4. And before its fastening on a slope spread a shingle 5 so that at first packing has been finished from below and from one side from a pipe trunk, and then - from other side. /

In last turn spread one roofing number behind a pipe. Horizontal tops of a collar krepjat over a roof and obreshetki screws 6 or nails through each 200-300 mm. Among themselves aprons fasten faltsevymi connections with preliminary promazkoj edges miniate putty. A slope behind a pipe cover atop vorotnikovogo a top with nahlestom in 150 mm.