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Podmosti and woods

Performance of various civil work demands use podmostej and building woods. podmosti establish in premises for assemblage of partitions, plaster and other works. Woods use at external works on facades of buildings.

Podmosti produce from wood, metal or from a combination of these materials. podmosti happen two kinds: a frame design and building goats. Inventory frame podmosti consist of racks, podkosov, fights, bars of run and linings (fig. 2). On bars of runs stack board boards in length of 2,5 m, width 0,6 m and thickness of 30 mm. Produce podmosti on desktops: one table for assemblage of frames and fastening by their nails, and another - for board boards of a flooring. The prepared details podmostej place in a certain order on desktops, collect and force down nails.

Podmosti and woods

Fig. 2. podmosti and woods

And - the front view frame podmostej: 1 - a handrail; 2 - a run bar;
- a side view: 1 - racks; 2 - podkosy; 3 and 4 - a sheaf (fight); 5 - linings; 6 - run bars;
In - building goats;
g - a board board podmostej

Building goats (fig. 2) produce from boards in the thickness 25-28 and width 100-120 mm. To a back (in the top horizontal board) beat legs. A bottom of legs fix horizontal couplers (fights) that below the distance between them was wider, than above. Top of legs beat slantwise to a back of a trestle. Stability of a trestle (in a longitudinal direction) is provided with two diagonal fights connecting the bottom end of one foot with the top end of other foot. A board flooring stack over a trestle. Goats produce in height 1-2 m, but there can be 2 m and above. Building woods happen stationary (made on a building site) and national teams (inventory). Their bearing elements produce from wood or metal.

Stationary woods produce from racks and boards. Instead of racks use poles, but only in that case when the amount of works is insignificant. Elements of woods fix nails.

Inventory woods consist of two lateral racks with crossbeams. Escalating of woods carry out vertically for otherwise they should have width in the top part of 45-60 sm, and should be below wider 65-75 Crossbeams (step) with lateral racks see connect a bolt-coupler to the tightening nut providing durability of lateral racks. Such woods apply at external painting and decorating.

Wooden woods supersede tubular designs "¤Ёюьё=ЁющяЁюхъ=р".
They are mounted from tubular four-metre racks in diameter by of 60 mm. On racks through each metre weld short branch pipes in diameter of 25 mm necessary for assemblage of woods. Stability of woods in a cross-section and longitudinal direction is provided with the cross-section crossbars having on the ends hooks. Hooks of crossbars insert into branch pipes. Over crossbars stack a flooring from board boards, protecting its handrail. Through each 40-60 m arrange ladders for transitions to an adjacent circle of woods. The height of such woods can reach to 60 m.