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Partitions from a tree

Wooden partitions (45) apply fig. basically in wooden houses and are admissible for stone residential buildings in height no more than three floors, and also in many-storeyed buildings of wood areas where wood application is economically justified. Distinguish following kinds of wooden partitions: unary and double (under plaster or unary pure joiner's work), panel board and karkasno-obshivnye. The Most economic are panel board - from the boards prepared at factories from a waste of saw-timbers or low-grade boards.

Peregorodochnye boards happen two- and three-layer. Partitions plaster or sheathe gipsobetonnymi sheets.

Partitions from thin logs or plates are established between apartments or when wish to fence off a warm premise from the cold more often. These are heavy enough partitions, therefore they should be erected on a beam with the columns prepared under it. Partition logs usually pritesyvajut, caulk, plaster, and in obvjazkah krepjat direct thorns.


a Fig. 45. Partitions :

And - frame; - board; in - a skeleton for a cast partition; 1 - obvjazka; 2 - racks; 3 - boards; 4 - bruski; 5 - a door box; 6 - armature

Unary board partitions do from 4-5-сантиметровых stroganyh or nestroganyh (under plaster) boards. That plaster in the future did not burst and was not broken off, boards should be split a little. Establish a partition so. On a ceiling krepjat a board to which on the one hand beat triangular brusok. Then put boards and fix their the second bruskom. To a beam and a ceiling it is possible to beat bruski, forming a groove. On the one hand partitions top and bottom bruski do more shortly on 25-30 sm that is necessary for an insert of boards. Boards should be shorter on 1 sm than distance between obvjazkoj. Wide boards nadkalyvajut, hammer into places nadkola in small wedges and insert boards into grooves. For rigidity them connect among themselves the thorns established through 100-140 sm; instead of thorns it is possible to use nails.

To wooden walls of a partition krepjat nails; if walls brick, in their seams punch apertures, insert there stoppers and the nails hammered into these stoppers, krepjat partition boards.
Double board partitions collect from boards in width of 50-60 sm with quarters on edges (fig. 46 and 47) more often. It is not necessary to do such partitions Of long boards. For bolshej rigidity on vertically fastened boards of a board from lateral aspects vertically, and in the middle it is horizontal or on a diagonal nails are driven in. Isolation from one or two parties is possible.