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Materials for plotnichnyh works

Tree species . Employment plotnichnymi works is impossible without ability to distinguish tree species one from another and to learn them in preparation or in a product. To learn it is the most easier at material preparation directly from the cut off trees which names are known. In the beginning learn to distinguish: a fur-tree from a pine, a pine from a larch, an aspen and a linden from a birch, an oak from an ash-tree. Having learnt to define these breeds, will study the others easier as there will be reference points.

More often at building of various objects wood of coniferous breeds (a pine, a fur-tree, a cypress, a thuja, a juniper, etc.) and deciduous breeds (an oak, an ash-tree, a beech, an elm, a maple, a birch, a linden, a poplar, etc.)

is used

material Preparation . The Tree trunk from which then are cut out bruski and boards, consists of the bottom radical part named komlem, actually a trunk which usually does not have knots, top - crones with a considerable quantity of the knots departing from the central trunk. At building various logs, poles, boards, bars etc. On quality they are required share on three grades, are measured in cubic metre (fig. 6).

Leso - and the saw-timbers used at building

a Fig. 6. Leso - and the saw-timbers used at building:

And - a plate; - dvuhkantnyj a bar; in - not edging board; g - a quarter timber; d - chetyrehkantnyj a bar with obzolom; e - a semiedging board with obzolom; - chistoobreznoj a bar; z - gorbyl; and - an edging board; to - strogannye shpuntovannye boards: 1,2 - obzol, 3 - plast; 4 - an edge

the Log length - 4-9 m, a thickness in otrube - 100-260 mm.

Saw-timbers - plates, bruski, boards etc. Boards can be not edging, semiedging, edging, nestrogannymi and strogannymi, shpuntovannymi, in a quarter, etc., their thickness can be from 13 to 100 mm. Sometimes for works it is applied plaster shchipanaja, shponovaja or pilenaja dran, and also a shaving, dran and tes to a roof.