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Manufacturing of rafters

Wood for rafters take only the first grade, with the least quantity of knots. The thickness of a log, bruska, a thick board, a plate, used on rafters, depends on length stropilnoj feet, distances between rafters, weights of a roof, wind loadings etc. At selection of rafters under the heaviest roofs (tile, glinosolomennye, glinokamyshovye) it is possible to use given tab. 6.

When it is necessary to take a material less than an admissible thickness under stropilnye feet put podkosy from logs in the thickness 13-15 see For uniform transfer of loading from rafters on external walls of a building for mauerlata select logs in the thickness not less than 18 see

Table 6

the Choice of sections stropilnyh feet

110 140 175 213
from bruskov from logs from bruskov from logs from bruskov from logs from bruskov from logs
To 3 8x10 10 8x10 13 9x10 15 9x16 16
To 3,6 8x13 13 8x16 16 8x18 18 9x18 18
To 4,3 8x16 16 8x18 18 9x18 18 10x20 20
To 5 8x18 18 8x20 20 10x20 20 - -
To 5,8 8x20 20 10x20 22 - - - -
To 6,5 10x20 20 12x22 24     -  

At everyone skosa roofs should be identical stropilnye feet with otesannoj the top party and established strictly on one horizontal. It can achieve, using a special template. Do it so. Take tesinu, equal on length to an inhaling, and to its middle strictly perpendicularly beat the second tesinu. On a roof bias measure on it top of the fad and two stropilnye beat feet from tesa.

On the bottom end of a template and on an inhaling mark places of the necessary cuttings, line them. Inhalings and rafters do on an equal platform. Logs (bruski) for stropilnyh feet should hardly be longer than a template in case connection will appear unsuccessful. First of all do a cutting on the bottom ends of rafters, connect them to an inhaling or mauerlatom; then cut the top part, cutting off surpluses of wood, mark and assort. Establish ready stropilnye farms so. In the presence of inhalings them lift on srub, place in places and cut into logs. Then on inhalings do a flooring of boards, lift on it rafters, establish them into place and temporarily fix boards or poles for logs sruba.

If rafters the bottom ends krepjat to mauerlatam arrive as follows. On ceiling beams arrange a temporary flooring from boards, vytesyvajut the whole logs or separate pieces for mauerlatov. It is better to cut off the top and bottom planes: the bottom plane (edging) mauerlat lays down steadily on a wall, and on the top do cuttings for connection with stropilnymi feet.
Having made cuttings on the bottom ends stropilnyh feet and on mauerlatah, stropilnye feet lift, connect the top ends fix. At first two extreme farms thus establish, then on their fad pull a cord or beat a board and establish intermediate farms, carefully levelling them (cutting off the superfluous ends).

In chetyrehskatnoj (tent) roof difficult enough business is the device so-called nakosnoj a farm necessary for formation valmovogo of a slope. To stropilnym in this case it is necessary feet krepit "эрЁюцэшъш" - rather short semifeet.