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Konopatnye of work

At assemblage sruba between logs (bars) put for warming hemp, a tow, felt or a moss. Konopatnye works spend only after deposits of the house and full drying of wood.

Used at konopatke fibrous materials spread an equal layer, fibres across a groove. Fibres should act from grooves on both parties not less than on 50 mm. It is necessary to impregnate felt in formalin or other solutions protecting it from cultivation ask, and to dry. It is even better to use impregnirovannyj felt, i.e. impregnated with bitumen or pitch. The moss should be dry, but at the same time and flexible enough (dried up crumbles, and from the crude the tree rots). The dry moss quickly disappears, therefore it is better for disturbing with a tow. Hammer in a tow by means of various tools - konopatok, the tree made of firm breeds or metal: it is type-setting and curve konopatki, dorozhnik and razbivnaja konopatka.

Type-setting is a flat rake with an edge in width 100 and thickness of 5 mm. With its help caulk grooves.

the Curve (an edge in width 50-60, thickness of 5 mm) apply for konopatki in the rounded off places and in corners.

Dorozhnik (an edge in width to 170, thickness from 8 to 15 mm; on length of an edge the groove by depth to 10 mm is arranged) serves for osazhivanija locks of a tow and giving to it of the platen form. It is good to have three dorozhnika - for narrow, average and wide grooves.

(klinoobraznoe an edge in width of 30 mm) serves Razbivnaja for expansion of close grooves, facilitating an insert in them of a tow. Edges konopatok should be not too sharp (that did not cut a tow or a moss), smooth (that materials inserted into them did not pull out from grooves).

Mushel, or kijanka - a wooden hammer which strike on konopatke. Do of firm breeds of a tree. For protection mushelja from splitting and giving to it of the corresponding weight it put on two-four thick hoops. Diameter mushelja 100-150, length - 200 mm. Krepjat it on the handle in length to 300 mm.


a Fig. 22. Konopatka :

and - "тЁрё= цъѕ";
- "тэрсюЁ": 1 - a ready groove; 2 - zabivka a tow; 3 - konopatka; 4 - a tow.

Konopatnye of work conduct "тЁрё= цъѕ" or "тэрсюЁ" (fig. 22).

  • Konopatku "тЁрё= цъѕ" apply in grooves and cracks. Having made of a tow a lock, it put to a crack (groove) and press hands or konopatkoj. This operation repeat until all groove will be filled. The enclosed tow carefully condense with a type-setting shovel. Then of a tow do the platen, insert it into a groove, grasp fibres acting from a groove and with force drive in. If the platen not to grasp acting fibres, it can fall out.

  • Konopatku "тэрсюЁ" spend in wide grooves or cracks. From a tow (hemp) slightly svivajut long locks in the thickness of 15-20 mm also take up them in balls. Then from a ball "эрсшЁр¦=" loops also hammer in a tow into a groove. The more widely and more deeply a groove, the more locks it is necessary to insert into it. Condense a tow at first on top, and then on the bottom edge, and for flatness condense dorozhnikom.

First of all okonopachivajut the lowermost groove on all perimetre of the house, then the second etc.

Separate konopatka each wall can cause its warp, therefore it is necessary to caulk on house perimetre. After external konopatnyh works pass to the internal.

After konopatki walls rise approximately on 150 mm. Not to damage a chimney, before okonopachivaniem about it remove zasypku and greasing. After konopatki this backlash again close up. Especially carefully it is necessary to caulk corners of the house which are fast blown. That konopatka did not disappear, it can be painted an oil paint or to close wooden bruskami.