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Key rules

Introduction instructing before the admission to work is spent by the engineer under safety precautions with each again arrived working way of conversation and display of visual aids. Primary — on a workplace, repeated, off-schedule and flowing instructing are spent by the direct head of works.

Primary instructing spend on a workplace by display of safe receptions and work methods. Repeated instructing spend for the purpose of increase of level of knowledge working. Off-schedule instructing spend at change of rules after a labour safety and change of technological process.

On a workplace instructing is spent by the master or the manufacturer of works, in detail explains safe working methods, the protective technics, tells about an electrosecurity, an order of the maintenance of a workplace, the device of mechanisms, rules of start-up, a stop and greasing of machine tools and mechanisms.

At performance plotnichnyh works independently working are obliged to familiarise first of all under special books and instructions with key rules of safe performance of works. Traumatism principal causes at plotnichnyh and joiner's works both at the enterprises and buildings, and at building of cottages or country houses own forces are wrong arrangement of the equipment, absence or imperfection of protections, an unsatisfactory condition of starting equipment, bad knowledge workers of safe working methods and insufficient supervision of performance of safety precautions regulations.

The Equipment should be placed so that passes and prodrivings were free, and ways of movement of workers and cargoes have been shown to a minimum. Beds of machine tools should be steady to resist to efforts of loadings and vibrations.

The Equipment should be supplied by reliably operating protections, receivers for otsosa a dust, shavings, and also mechanisms for giving of saw-timbers. The working part of cutting tools (saws, mills, nozhevyh heads) should be closed by automatically operating protection opening on size, corresponding to the sizes of a processed material on height and width during passage of a processed material or the tool only for its admission. Protections and safety devices should not complicate waste disposal.

Work on kruglopilnyh machine tools for longitudinal raskroja with manual giving as working constantly deals with a submitted material Is dangerous. On machine tools there can be a return emission submitted pilomateriala, therefore the worker should be always sideways from submitted pilomateriala.

Pilnyj protect a disk, and behind a saw establish rasklinivajushchy a knife. On a protection or before it should be mounted protivovybrasyvajushchee the device in the form of brake claws, sectors, etc.

Before work on the machine tool it is necessary to check up saw fastening, actuating units, reliability of action of protections, starting arrangements and grounding. Processed pilomaterial it is necessary to submit in regular intervals, without pushes so that frequency of rotation of a saw did not decrease. It is impossible to saw a material which thickness exceeds height pilnogo a disk over a table.