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Interfloor and garret overlappings (a part 2)

For selection of section of round or rectangular beams under loading of 400 kg on 1 m 2 overlappings it is possible to use given tab. 4.

The Ends of beams in walls close up in such sequence. The ends of beams of interfloor and garret overlappings of wooden buildings cut skovorodnem into the top wreaths for all thickness of a wall. In stone buildings of a beam put on walls or get in nests specially left in them. In walls from samana, zemlebita etc. beams put on obvjazku.

Because of kondensirovanija the warm air getting from the house, with cold, being in nests, the ends of beams quite often rot. It can be avoided, if between walls and the ends of beams to leave space with good ventilation. Therefore the nests left, for example, in brick walls, for packing of beams do some the big sizes, than the ends of beams. The bottom part of a nest should be as more as possible equal, therefore in advance before packing of beams it needs to be levelled concrete, well to dry and lay two-three layers of roofing material (roofing felt). Depth of nests in stone buildings usually makes 250 mm, and the ends of beams put on length not less than 150 mm.

By preparation of the ends of their beams otesyvajut, cover on 750 mm protivognilostnym with an antiseptic tank, dry, prosmalivajut on 200 mm and in limits osmolki wrap up two layers of roofing felt. End faces of beams should be not pitched and not closed by roofing felt.

We Will consider one of variants zadelki beams. The ends saw round them (otesyvajut) at an angle 60 °, antiseptirujut, prosmalivajut, wrap up roofing felt and stack so that they did not reach a back wall of a nest on 30-50 mm. After packing of its beam lateral and top the parties close up a solution with shchebenkoj (fig. 28), end faces do not pitch.

Zadelka of the ends of wooden beams of overlappings in walls from a brick

a Fig. 28. Zadelka the ends of wooden beams of overlappings in walls from a brick :

and - zadelka a solution with shchebenkoj; - in garret overlapping in a wall of 510 mm; in - in overlapping at a wall of 640 mm; g - in overlapping at a wall of 510 mm; d - a general view of a wall and a crossbar about pipes; e - crossbar fastening in a beam;

1 - a solution; 2 - a beam; 3 - roofing felt; 4 - felt; 5 - zasypka; 6 - a board in the thickness of 25 mm; 7 - a floor; 8 - a log; 9 - the beam end; 10 - a backlash; 11 - a crossbar.

If the thickness of stone walls 2 1/2 bricks (640 mm) or is more, it is possible not to cover the ends of beams with a solution. In this case them close up so. As the beam the ends leans against walls only on 150 mm between its end face and a back wall of a nest depth of 250 mm there is a space in 100 mm. It it is quite enough for an air layer and packing teploizoljatsionnogo a material.

Table 4.

Admissible sections of beams of interfloor and garret overlappings depending on flight at loading of 400 kg on 1 m 2

2 1 13 12x8
0,6 11 10x7
2,5 1 15 14x10
0,6 13 12x8
3 1 17 16x11
0,6 14 14x9
3,5 1 19 18x12
0,6 16 15x10
4 1 21 20x12
0,6 17 16x12
4,5 1 22 22x14
0,6 19 18x12
5 1 24 22x16
0,6 20 18x14
5,5 1 25 24x16
0,6 21 20x14
6 1 27 25x18
0,6 23 22x14
6,5 1 29 25x20
0,6 25 23x15
7 1 31 27x20
0,6 27 26x15
7,5 1 33 30x27
0,6 29 28x16

A nest Bottom level concrete, cover with bitumen, put on it two layers of roofing felt, the top and lateral walls of a nest close a roofing felt layer, and back - a layer of the tarred felt which is pressed antiseptirovannoj a board in the thickness by of 25 mm. The beam end stack so that between it and antiseptirovannoj the backlash in 40 mm was a board.

In walls in the thickness in two bricks (510 mm) the ends of beams close up so. A back wall of a nest close two layers of the tarred felt, business jut a box from three walls, prosmalivajut it and insert into a nest, having pressed it the tarred felt.

At zadelke the ends of beams of garret overlapping in walls in the thickness in 2 bricks special attention give to protection of nests. First of all in them establish a box from three walls which prosmalivajut and upholster with felt.
Beams about flues it is necessary to have not more close 400 mm from an internal surface of the nearest flue. Happens that it is impossible to keep away a beam from a flue. In this case a beam cut into a crossbar which, in turn, cut in two beams that weakens them a little. To reduce easing, such beams are better for stacking thicker ends towards a flue.

In buildings brick, stone and similar to them between extreme beams and a wall there should be a backlash not less than in 50 mm which close up rejkoj. Between rejkoj and a beam it is desirable to lay a roofing felt or roofing material strip.

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