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Dolblenie, cutting by a chisel and wood drilling

If at work the case elektrodolbezhnika strongly heats up, it is necessary to weaken pressing and to unload the electric motor, to replace a stupid chain or to weaken a chain tension. If the chain beats, it is necessary to pull it. In that case when the chain or a ruler strongly heat up, it is necessary to adjust a chain tension, to eliminate possible warps of a ruler. If at dolblenii the small shaving in a kind shchepy turns out, establish a new chain. If the nest, a groove in process dolblenija turn out slanting, it is necessary to verify and strengthen a ruler putting aside. At work as electrotools it is necessary to use goggles. The case elektrodolbezhnika should be earthed. /

Manual drilling of wood . Round (cylindrical) apertures for round thorns, nagelej, bolts choose the drills consisting of a shaft, a core, a cutting part and elements for shaving tap. To drilling apply perovye, tsentrovye, screw, spiral drills.

  • Perovye of a drill have zhelobchatuju the form; them choose apertures mainly under nageli. The fillet serves and for shaving emission. Whereas he cannot throw out completely a shaving outside, in order to avoid an overheat, it should be taken out often from an aperture. Therefore apertures turn out dirty and insufficiently exact. Drills happen in the length 100-170, in diameter 3-16 mm to gradation of 1-2 mm.

  • Tsentrovymi drills drill through and superficial apertures across fibres. To drill deep apertures these drills difficultly owing to bad ejection of a shaving. Work as drills only in one party. The drill represents a core terminating in the bottom of cutting part, consisting of podrezatelja, an edge and the directing centre (edge). Diameter tsentrovyh drills of 12-50 mm, length depending on diameter of 120-150 mm. At work as these drills it is necessary to do pressing, differently they will not take root into wood.

  • Drills screw apply to drilling of deep apertures across fibres. The end of drills has the screw with a small carving. At drilling of an aperture by they turn out pure as on screw flutes the shaving leaves easily. Diameter of drills 10 50, length of 400-1100 mm.

  • Spiral drills depending on the form of a cutting part happen to conic sharpening and the centre and podrezateljami. For shaving tap in a core there are the flutes which had on a screw line. Drills with the centre and podrezatelem are issued by diameter 4-32 mm, and with conic sharpening - diameter 2-6 (a short series) and 5-10 mm (a long series). Drills are put in action by means of rotation and sverlilki.

  • Rotation with a rattle represents a cranked core in the middle of which there is a handle for rotation. On one end of a cranked core the cartridge for fastening of drills, on other a press head is located.
    Rotation with a rattle should rotate to the right and to the left, and the rotation direction is established by a ring-rekey of telem. cartridge Cams should provide reliable fastening of tools. Rotation it is possible to wrap bolts, screws for what into a cartridge insert accordingly nut face keys (square or shestigrannye), screw-drivers. In rotation it is possible krepit drills with diameter of a shaft to 10 mm. For zavertyvanija screws into rotation insert screw-drivers.

  • Apertures in diameter to 5 mm drill a drill representing a core with screw on sharp, on which the handle is put on. On one end strezhnja there is a cartridge for installation of drills, and on other a head. A core, and together with it and a drill, rotate by movement upwards and downwards the cut handle. For drilling of deep apertures use a drill representing a core with an ear for the handle, located in its top part, and with a screw drill on other end (in the bottom part). Superficial apertures in wood of firm breeds under screws drill a gimlet having diameter of 2-10 mm. In order to avoid split of wood a gimlet periodically take out from an aperture and clear of a shaving. Apertures drills choose on a marking or a template, the aperture centre preliminary pin shilom. Prior to the beginning of work the drill should be ground well a file with a small notch or on the special machine tool, and then strongly to fix in a cartridge of rotation or sverlilki. At work it is necessary to watch that the axis of rotation of rotation or sverlilki coincided with an aperture axis. At drilling of vertical apertures the handle of a press head of rotation hold the left hand, and right rotate the handle. Deep through apertures drill on a marking from two parties of a detail.

Table 3.

Technical characteristics of electric drilling cars





the Greatest diameter Drillings, mm




Frequency of rotation Spindle, rpm




the Electric motor:

capacity, Vt




frequency of rotation Rotor, about \mines


pressure, In




frequency of a current, Hz




Overall dimensions (dl. shir. vys.), mm




Weight, kg




At drilling of apertures on the one hand details and before an exit on other party should be weakened pressing a press head of rotation, so that it was not formed otkola, otshchepa or cracks in a detail. Under a detail in which drill apertures, enclose a board. /

Rotation or a drill cannot be held so that the drill has been turned towards the working. To press a press head of rotation or a drill it is necessary only hands. To work as the drills having cracks and other defects, it is impossible.

the Mechanized drilling of wood . To the mechanised drilling apply manual electric drilling cars (tab. 3) and pneumatic drilling cars IP-1019, ИП-1020, ИП-1021, resulted in rotation by the compressed air.

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