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Frame partitions

Karkasno-obshivnye of a partition consist from obvjazki, racks and a covering. If necessary between racks put a door box. Racks do from bruskov or boards, their section depends on a thickness of a partition (their thickness usually makes 5-6 sm, width - 9-10 sm). Put racks through 40-120 sm from each other, krepjat to obvjazke thorns or nails, a covering - board. /

Wide boards nadkalyvajut. At first a covering completely beat on the one hand, then with another. If a partition warm, the second party sew up not at once, and numbers (fig. 45 see). Having beaten some boards (on height of 50-100 sm), space between a covering fall asleep slag, sawdust with izvestju and plaster etc. /

Sometimes instead of dry zasypki use the dense weight demanding the careful Drying. In this case racks are recommended to be put more often, and partitions to plaster wet plaster or to upholster with various sheets (dry plaster, drevesno-fibrous sheets, plywood etc.). /

Installation and interface of panel board partitions

a Fig. 46. Installation and interface of panel board partitions :

And - installation of panel board partitions; - interface of panel board partitions;

1 - brusok bottom obvjazki; 2 - an established board; 3 - brusok top obvjazki; 4 - vzaimoperpendikuljarnye board boards; 5 - a quarter (in places of a vertical joint); 6 - the nails hammered at an angle.

Racks for partitions with a filler do of plates of a cane, straw on a thickness of insulating plates, and place on distance of their width. Having strengthened racks, between them put kamyshitovye (solomitovye) plates and krepjat nails which preliminary put on washers in diameter 2-2,5 see

Krepit of a plate to racks is possible and as a board covering. All cracks between plates caulk or coat with a plaster solution and plaster.