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Floors from superfirm wood-shaving
And drevesno-fibrous plates

Floors from wood plates. To the device of such floors apply wood-shaving and drevesno-fibrous plates. Wood-shaving plates for floors have a thickness of 20 mm with the top layer of deterioration of 5 mm. Lateral edges of plates not water racks, therefore cut off them on 80-100 mm. Appoint distance between logs on which will be To lay plates depending on the turned out width of plates, but no more than 400 mm. /

Joints of plates should be on axial lines a log. Do not suppose sveshivanie plates about a log more, than on 100 mm. Logs do of boards by humidity no more than 18% or from strips of wood-shaving plates in width of 80-100 mm. Logs stack on sound-proof podsypku from sand humidity no more than 10% which thickness specify in the project. At a thickness of a layer of sand less than 35 mm logs opirajut on sound-proof linings in the form of strips in width of 100-120 mm cut from soft wood-fiber plates in density of 150-350 kg/m 3 . At the rough basis logs opirajut on brick or concrete columns on which stack waterproofing (from roofing felt, roofing material) and sound-proof linings. /

Floors from superfirm wood-fiber plates

a Fig. 31. Floors from superfirm wood-fiber plates :

1 - a covering; 2 - a glutinous layer; 3 - the basis of a floor from boards or DSP; 4 - logs 40x80 mm; 5 - sound-proof tape linings from DVP; 6 - a bearing plate of overlapping; 7 - a roofing felt layer; 8 - a sound-proof continuous layer; 9 - a coupler from easy concrete; 10 - a layer of roofing felt or pergamina

The Top of all a log should be in one horizontal plane that check by means of level and two-metre otfugovannoj rejki. For correction of deviations line under logs sand or change a thickness of sound-proof linings. The verified logs temporarily fix bruskami on nails. /

Stack plates on logs from one of longitudinal walls, as a rule, the most remote from a door. At a wall leave a backlash - 10-15 mm, blocked then plinths. After adjustment majachnoj plates attach it to everyone a log nails of 50-60 mm, diameter 2,5-3 mm or screws in length of 35-40 mm and diameter 4 mm. /

Nails hammer on a plate edge through 200 mm, screws - through 300-350 mm. Following plates stack similarly majachnoj with the minimum backlash to 1 mm. Then establish a plinth, proshpaklevyvajut joints and heads of nails, smooth out a surface a skin and paint two varnish coats.

the Device of a floor from wood-fiber plates

a Fig. 32. The device of a floor from wood-fiber plates

ПФ-231. The top layer put after drying of the bottom painting layer. The device of a floor from DVP is similar (fig. 31, 32)