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Filling of overlappings

On correctly executed overlapping depend heat conductivity and zvukoprovodnost at home.

Interfloor overlappings consist of beams, nakata, forming a ceiling, a floor and zasypki. For packing nakata to beams beat so-called "ёхЁхяэ№х" bruski section 4x4 or 5x5 sm or choose in them "ёхЁхяр" (shpunty). Plates nakata should adjoin densely to each other (better quarters) and to be flush with the bottom party of a beam for what it is necessary to cut their ends. If a ceiling do not plaster, plates plane. Having laid nakat, it cover with a layer (2-3 sm) glinopeschanoj greasing or roofing felt and so that it covered half of height of a beam. On the dried up greasing or roofing felt fill friable zasypku a demanded thickness. /

That at washing of floors the moisture casually did not get on zasypku, from above it is recommended to be closed roofing felt. After that on often laid beams lay floor boards and if beams are laid seldom on them put at first logs, isolate two-three layers of roofing felt or a cardboard, lay on them a floor, without having forgotten to make ventilating apertures. Different ways of a flooring nakata are resulted in drawing 29. If because of an insufficient thickness nakat it is impossible to cut, it lay not zapodlitso with the bottom The beam parties, and on cranial bruski (the beam will act a little). /

Thin gorbyli or boards stack on cranial bruski, and from below beams file tesom. Such filing is dangerous in the fire relation, therefore between filing and nakatom through 1 m put so-called diaphragms - bruski, equal to a thickness cranial bruskov which reduce an air flow. If beams filing from tesa which krepjat nails at an angle, dim its roofing felt is laid often, possible and fall asleep the dry earth or slag.

Interfloor overlapping on wooden beams

a Fig. 29. Interfloor overlapping on wooden beams :

And - nakat from plates vpodrezku; - nakat in two layers from board boards; in - aakat in two layers with diaphragms; g - section on a beam of interfloor overlapping;

1 - a plate; 2 - podrezka; 3 - a beam; 4 - cranial bruski; 5 - nakat from board boards in two layers; 6 - diaphragms; 7 - plaster; 8 - zasypka on greasing; 9 floor; 10 - a log; 11 - a lining from roofing felt or a cardboard

For maintenance of necessary sound insulation of overlappings on nakatu arrange glinopeschanuju greasing in the thickness of 20-30 mm or stack a layer of a rolled material; they simultaneously serve paroizoljatsiej, interfering penetration of water steams of air through thickness of overlapping, and protect nakat from the water casually getting to overlapping. /

Additional improvement of sound insulation of interfloor overlappings, zvuko - and thermal protections of the overlappings dividing premises with different temperature of air, reach packing over greasing izoljatsionnogo a material (dry sand, keramzit, slag, etc.) a layer of 60-80 mm for interfloor and 220-260 mm - for garret overlappings. For nastilki a floor on beams through 500-700 mm stack logs from boards or plates to which beat floor boards. Horizontal position a log check on level. In places opiranija the log on a beam under logs is enclosed by sound-proof linings from rolled materials, rubber or hardboard strips. Improving overlapping sound insulation, logs promote ventilation of an air layer formed under all floor through apertures in the floors, closed by lattices.

Garret overlappings carry out in such sequence. Nakat grease glinopeschanoj with greasing or cover with roofing felt. When greasing will dry up, fall asleep sawdust, a shaving, straw sechku, wood sheet, and from above with the fire-prevention purpose - small slag or the dry earth a layer of 5 sm (tab. 5).

That zasypka it was not displaced, on top of beams it is recommended to make the rarefied board flooring which nail up. /

About pipes zasypka should be from a fireproof material (small slag, etc.). Overlappings (especially garret) is better to warm fire-resistant not decaying plates. They can be made in forms of the necessary sizes and convenient for weight carrying over. The volume weight of such plates - 500-600 kg/m 3 , i.e. 1 m 3 plates in 1 sm weighs in the thickness 5-6 kg. Ready plates dry under a canopy until their humidity will not decrease to 15-20%. Produce plates from the different materials which parts take on volume:

Table 5.

the Thickness zasypki garret overlapping depending on external temperature of air
In winter time and volume weight of a material

-15 -20 -25 -30 -35 -40
Sheet wood dry 120 5 5 5 5 5 5
Straw sechka 120 5 5 5 5 5 5
Sawdust wood 250 5 5 6 7 8 10
the Sphagnum (small peat) 250 6 6 6 6 6 6
the Shaving wood 300 6 7 8 9 10 11
Boiler slag 1000 13 16 19 22 24 27
the Earth dry 1500 15 15 18 19 20 22

1:4: 0,3: 2-2,5 (sawdust: the clay dough: cement: water); 1: 1,5: 0,3: 2-2,5 (sawdust: the limy dough: cement: water); 1: 1,2: 0,7: 2,5-3 (sawdust: opoka: the limy dough: water). At definition of weight of overlappings it is necessary to consider weight of beams, nakatnika and boards, zasypki or plates.