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Facing rublenyh walls

For warming of the house and protection of a tow from aeration in 1-1,5 years after full deposits of walls quite often sheathe them tesom, revet with a brick, asbestotsementnymi sheets or a siding. Tes beat to bruskam, filled on walls. Then a covering paint with an oil paint. /

The Brick can be applied to facing both red, and silicate. A laying conduct on an edge or in 1/2 bricks. Before a laying the base top is necessary for levelling a cement mortal and to lay on it a waterproofing from two layers of roofing felt or roofing material. Between a wall and brick facing the backlash not less than in 30 mm which further fall asleep nothing should be left. /

That facing strongly kept, to walls nails beat kljamery - the strips of the zinced steel folded double in width of 40 mm (strips from a black steel it is necessary to paint 2-3 times an oil paint). Put kljamery on distance of 500 mm from each other. Through three numbers at a laying on an edge and through five six numbers at a laying in 1/2 bricks kljamery close up in facing accordingly on depth of 60 and 100 mm. /

The Solution for a laying should be not below mark 50 (on 1 part of cement of mark 400 take 6 parts, and at mark 300 - 3 parts of sand). Facing do not lead up to a roof (eaves) on one number. In the bottom of facing through 1,5-2 m leave ventilating apertures in the size 150x150 mm, necessarily closing them from rodents a frequent grid. /

There, where facing adjoins to a tree, it is necessary to lay two layers of roofing felt or roofing material. If necessary facing plaster.