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Rublenye timbered walls

The Thickness of walls of the house - size settlement also depends as on environmental conditions and the set temperature indoors, and from applied materials. The it is easier materials, the the wall is more thin. It is necessary to apply the high-quality wood which has been not infected with bugs-drevoedami and a fungus to cabin of houses. Prepare logs of the necessary length and diameter and it is desirable an identical thickness. If it is impossible, select trees on top otrubu - to diameter with an admissible difference between diameters to 30 mm. From such logs it is easier to cut srub.

Komlevye of the party of logs stesyvajut from the inside till a thickness equal to the top diameter, forming the oval ends. Tesku logs carry out from top with transition to komlju. It does not do zadirov some wood.

In the course of cabin sruba "ё юё=р=ъюь" or "т ѕуюы" logs alternate the ends (on the thick end put thin). It is easier to cut srub from logs of an identical thickness, i.e. otesannyh under skobu. At cabin "ё юё=р=ъюь" the separate ends of logs (longer) saw off before statement into place or after. Sruby "т ыряѕ" carry out only from logs of an identical thickness. At end faces mark paws on a template. The sizes of paws depend on a thickness of logs. The first, or okladnoj, i.e. the bottom wreath, it is frequent not otesyvajut. For it it is necessary to take the top-quality wood. /

At cabin a cup, as a rule, choose from the bottom party of a log. For warming use teploizoljatsionnyj a material. The width of grooves depends on local environmental conditions. At temperature of external air - 30 ° width of a groove not less than 120 mm, at air temperature-40 ° - about 140-160 mm. The best under the form a groove - poluokruzhnyj, the worst - triangular.

Wreaths for durability fasten on length thorns, putting them through 1-1,5 m. the Thickness of thorns - 25 mm, width - 60-70, height - 120-150 mm. Nests under them do on 20-30 mm more deeply. Thorns put more often in last two wreaths between which cut ceiling beams. Owing to wood and consolidation shrinkage teploizoljatsionnyh materials srub for 1-1,5 years after erection shrinks approximately on 1/20 its heights. /

Konopatku carry out for 2 times: the first - after statement sruba into place - in rough, the second - in 1-1,5 years after the termination usadki and okonopachivanija with platens.

That teploizoljatsionnye materials served longer, them is better to impregnate preliminary protivognilostnym with structure, for example 3 kg of fluoric sodium dissolve in 97 l of the water which have been warmed up till 30-40 °. At impregnation materials maintain in a solution of 20-30 minutes, then well dry. In 100 l of structure it is possible to process about 200 kg of a material.

For warming of angular interfaces "т ыряѕ" they should be closed boards on laid teploizoljatsionnomu to a material.

In external walls of the raised length it is necessary to arrange cross-section internal walls, connecting them "т юсыю" or "т ыряѕ". Internal walls have one for another through 6,5 m, but it is no more, at diameter of logs of external walls of 220 mm and on distance of 8,5 m - at diameter of logs of 240-260 mm. If distance between internal walls more specified walls strengthen szhimami - pair bars, pulling together with their bolts. /

Crude wood to process easier, but to lift much more hard. Srub from crude wood it is necessary to dry within 1-2 years. From above walls sruba cover. Before statement to the place of a log sruba at first mark, and then assort. To put walls of the house it is better at once on the base, than on wooden columns with the subsequent device of the base.

At cabin "т юсыю" but a cup upwards, wooden walls of houses serve hundreds years. Svesy roofs should be not less than 500 mm, with well executed roof. For warming and protection from namokanija and rotting corners is better to board. Logs on length srashchivajut a direct thorn (fig. 10 see). Logs okladnogo a wreath - the slanting lock.

Performance of operations at a cutting "т юсыю"

a Fig. 15. Performance of operations at a cutting "т юсыю":

and - a fragment timbered sruba; - a choice of an oval groove; in - section of rallied logs;
1 - the rallied wreaths sruba; 2 - a rallied log; 3 - a marking line; 4 - line; 5 - notches; 6 - an oval groove; 7 - qualitatively executed splachivanie; 8 - leaky prileganie rallied logs.

We Will consider technics of cabin "т юсыю" a cup upwards. The first, or okladnoj, the wreath consists of two first, or bottom, logs and two second, or top, logs. At first stack on opposite sides of two first of a log strictly horizontally and on identical distance from each other. Then on them stack two second logs strictly at right angle. After that start performance of angular connections in a cup. At first plan cups for what move apart line legs on half of diameter of the top log (fig. 15). Put to the top log line so that it one leg moved on the top log, and the second outlined an arch, leaving risk on the bottom log. Having marked cups, start their sample-cutting down for what the top logs remove aside. Having cut down cups, in the bottom logs on one end sruba in them put earlier removed top log. If necessary do corrections but so that the log as is possible more densely adjoined to all parties of a cup.

In the same way carry out a cup and stack the second top log. We remind that the second logs should be not flush with the first, and to be lifted over them on half of their diameter. After that stack the first logs of a wreath, but komljami every which way. They should be on one vertical line with logs of the first wreath for what them check the weighty. /

On the first logs of the second wreath put risks for a cup on the second logs of the first wreath. Cups cut down, stack in them the first logs of the second wreath and correct, if it is necessary, cups. Then draw risks for a longitudinal groove between the first logs of the first and second wreaths for what line legs move apart on depth or groove height. One leg moves on the bottom log, the second - on top, but these risks should be transferred and on cups as their depth increases by depth of a groove. Such risks spend from two parties of each log on which choose a groove. A log lift, overturn upwards risks, put between them through each 300-500 mm of a notch on depth of a groove and choose wood on depth of the moved apart legs of line.

The Best form of a groove - oval as covers the bottom log more densely and lays down all groove on it. Having chosen a groove, a log stack on a place, check its density prileganija and make corrections. The more densely the groove lays down on a log, the it will be warmer and will demand less teploizoljatsionnyh materials. It is inadmissible, when the groove only covers with the edges a log. It leads raised a deposit and perekashivaniju house walls.

Thus consistently carry out cabin of wreaths.

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