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Cast partitions

Cast partitions can be from concrete, shlakobetona, gipsobetona, opilkobetona etc.

These partitions nesgoraemy, but are a little heavy. Them arrange in brick, stone, concrete and to that similar fireproof buildings more often. They happen in the thickness from 5 to 15 Gipsoopilochnye of a partition sometimes see do in wooden buildings. Put them necessarily on the base or on a beam. For giving of durability to partitions in them put a skeleton which can be metal or wooden. It have between walls or a ceiling and a beam and fix. At presence in a partition of a door a box for it put between two racks and nail up. Racks it is necessary to fix and connect well them with armature, which krepjat to a skeleton. /

The Armature can be wooden of oshkurennyh willow rods, from oshkurennoj and split leshchiny or from steel prutkov and a wire in the thickness from 3 to 7 mm. To have it one follows vertically or horizontally on distance of 15-25 sm from another or in the form of cages with cells in the size from 15x15 to 25x25 see In crossing places any armature it is necessary to connect a wire (fig. 45 see). /

Knots of wooden partitions

a Fig. 47. Knots of wooden partitions :

And - an adjunction to a wall; - opiranie on overlapping; in - an adjunction to a partition; g - an adjunction to a ceiling; d - opiranie on a floor of 1 floor: 1 - a wall; 2 - ruffs (zakrepy); 3 - nails; 4 - a wooden panel board partition; 5 - konopatka a pitch tow; 6 - a grid; 7 - a door box; 8 - nails 3,5x100 mm through 1 m; 9 - plaster; 10 - a platband; 11 - nails 5x150 through 1 m; 12 - a steel collar for opiranija a crossbar; 13 - a backlash; 30-50 mm between a crossbar and nakatom; 14 - a crossbar; 15 - zasypka; 16 - an elastic lining; 17 - a board diaphragm; 18 - bruski 20x20 mm; 19 - lezhen 0 18/2 sm; 20 - antiseptirovannaja a lining; 21 - roofing felt; 22 - a wall in 1/2 bricks; 23 - a brick column; 24 - bruski (50х50)/2

The Timbering produce from boards (tesa), plywood, drevesno-fibrous plates, a thick strong cardboard. Plywood, plates, olifjat or paint a cardboard an oil paint as from dampness they quickly become unfit for use. The low timbering is more convenient for work (pouring), but its device at height to 1,5 m. is admissible That the timbering acted in film from a partition is easier, it grease with greasing: soap emulsiej, lubricating oil, tavotom etc. /

In premises where sound insulation is not taken into consideration, apply joiner's partitions from the separate boards similar on a design and appearance on door cloths. Such partitions establish directly on a floor. The most economic are panel partitions. /

Except stationary partitions last years wide application was received also by sliding panel board partitions. They are very similar to screens and their principle of action is borrowed this ancient subject of an interior. For partitions of this type are necessary directing which can be only from above, or from above and from below. The more fastenings, the the sliding partition will be better to work. Convenience of such partitions that they allow to connect or divide adjacent premises quickly.