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Bezvrubochnye of connection

Interface of wooden elements on nails, skobah, strengthened by overlays, name bezvrubochnymi connections.

Such connections widely apply in designs of roofs of individual houses. Bearing elements of a roof produce from boards section 50x150 mm. In places of joints beat double overlays from boards in the thickness of 25-30 mm. The length of nails 2,5-3 times exceeds a thickness of beaten boards or bruskov. /

Nails place parallel or slanting numbers at an angle 45 ° to an overlay axis, the distance from an end face of an overlay to an axis of an extreme number should be not less 15d (d - diameter of a nail), and from an edge of an overlay to an axis of a longitudinal number not less than 46. Through through a package of boards, it is necessary to bend the Ends of nails, the past across fibres. /

Bezvrubochnye of connection of frame walls

a Fig. 20. Bezvrubochnye connections of frame walls :

And - interface of a rack with top obvjazkoj; - steel podpjatnik; in - interface stropilnoj feet with top obvjazkoj; g - figured skoba.

At the device obvjazki frame walls (fig. 20) use podpjatnikov and figured skob raises durability of joints. The apertures left for nails, provide reliable and fast interface of elements. /

Bezvrubochnye of connection bruschatyh elements

a Fig. 21. Bezvrubochnye connections bruschatyh elements :

And - rack fastening to bottom obvjazke a steel square; - the same "К"-юсЁрчэющ an overlay; in - fastening bottom obvjazki a steel overlay; g - fastening of crossed elements skobami; d - rack fastening to top obvjazke skoboj.

At interface of bars (fig. 21) steel squares, overlays, skoby also apply. /

The Device bezvrubochnyh connections on forces to even not very skilled carpenters.