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the Basic actions for sound insulation

Both at erection, and at repair or reconstruction of buildings of a partition (except for joiner's) it is impossible to put on a wearing floor. Them establish directly on bearing designs of overlappings. In their places opiranija and adjunctions to them of a floor suit the sound-proof linings raising sound insulation of a design and simplifying process of repair or change of floors. /

Linings can be from proantiseptirovannyh bars, strips of drevesno-fibrous plates, mineral felt and other elastic materials. The lining compressed under loading till the thickness less than 8 mm does not carry out zvukozashchitnyh functions. Are inefficient as well linings from two layers of roofing felt. In an adjunction of partitions to main walls the seam should be densely prokonopachen the felt moistened in an alabaster solution, and is closed up by a solution. Interroom partitions it is desirable to adjoin walls not end-to-end, and to get them in a main wall groove. At presence in overlappings of underground space on all length of a partition arrange in it a vertical diaphragm from a brick, concrete or other materials which interferes with distribution of air noise from one premise in another. The thickness of a diaphragm should be not less a thickness of a partition.

Partitions are not recommended to be lead up to a ceiling on 10-15 mm. The backlash between a partition and a ceiling carefully zakonopachivajut a tow moistened in an alabaster solution, is closed up a solution from both parties on depth by of 20-30 mm that provides sound insulation from air and material carrying over of a sound. /

Fastening of wooden partitions to overlapping carry out with the help bruskov, beaten to wooden nakatu overlappings from both parties of a partition. Partitions from panels and plitnyh materials krepjat to stone walls steel ruffs who hammer into the wooden stoppers which are closed up in places of an adjunction of partitions. /

Large-panel partitions to a ceiling krepjat by means of steel plates; in plates of overlapping by a chisel do notches by depth of 10-15 mm; plates place in grooves, enter the top end into a notch and krepjat a nail to brusku top obvjazki a panel skeleton. /

Under runs the panel krepjat the direct and figured steel laths covering run from two parties. At coincidence of seams between plates of overlapping with an axis of a partition from large panels for their fastening use assembly loops of partitions. To them adhere a wire of 0 4 mm, pass in a seam between plates and fix on top of plates.

the Table 9. 

Comparative technical and economic indicators on 1 m 2 interroom partitions

the Design of partitions the Thickness, mm Weight, kg Cost,
Postroechnaja labour input,% the Expense of materials
cement, kg pilenyj wood, m 3 plaster, kg
From ceramic stones 260 280 100 100 6    
From shlakobetonnyh hollow plates with an air layer 230 215 87 70 26    
From continuous plaster plates with air proyoslojkoj 210 192 83 70     180
From rolling gipsobetonnyh (gipsoopilochnyh) panels with an air layer 200 216 78 38   0,012 100

At repair and building reconstruction in some cases usual partitions replace with partitions in the form of cases. They promote increase in the free area of apartment. A skeleton of such case form of three types of blocks: the basic, basic, connecting (top and bottom). Basic blocks (frames) establish vraspor between a floor and a ceiling, and cross-section walls, covers and shutters of doors krepjat to mainframes. Cracks in places of an adjunction of designs of a case to a floor and a ceiling fill with rubber linings and close plinths. Cases open on two parties. Probably also the device of unilateral cases which use as pristennye.

In a choice of a suitable variant of the decision on partitions it is possible to consider the data on the interroom partitions, resulted in tab. 9.