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the Arrangement of partitions
In relation to beams and furnaces

The Partition leans against a beam (log), and from two parties it fix bruskami which section is usually equal to section of sexual boards, and bruski close plinths (fig. 43). /

Opiranie of partitions

a Fig. 43. Opiranie partitions :

And - opiranie on a beam; - opiranie on a cross tie between beams; in - settles down across beams and leans directly against beams or logs;

1 - a floor; 2 - a board; 3 - a log; 4 - brusok 50x50 mm; 5 - zasypka; 6 - a partition; 7 - a plinth; 8 - a groove; 9 - a beam; 10 - filing; 11 - a cross tie; 12 - a diaphragm; 13 - roofing felt

At installation of a partition along beams between the last cut special bruski, named cross ties, on which krepjat to a log - lezhen. /

Sometimes in a log choose a groove (in beams it do not choose) for partition boards. In this case under lagoj it is obligatory krepjat a diaphragm (a board put on an edge). /

For installation of a partition across beams on them put logs and fix them, and under logs arrange a diaphragm. Its appointment - decrease in sound transmission and a thermal protection, and also isolation of premises from each other. /

the Marking and installation of board partitions

a Fig. 44. A marking and installation of board partitions :

And - a marking of partitions; - installation of partitions;

1 - a bearing beam; 2 - a marking line; 3 - brusok bottom obvjazki; 4 - a plumb; 5 - brusok top obvjazki; 6 - boards; 7 - nagel in diameter 8-12 mm; 8 - an aperture for nagelja; 9 - a plinth; 10 - a deal floor

In places of an adjunction of partitions from combustible materials to furnaces and flues arrange brick cutting on all height of a premise so that the distance from a partition to an internal surface of the furnace or a flue was not less than 40 sm (fig. 44).